In Land That Values Ivory, Wild Elephants Find a Safe Haven

Global Forest Information Service - Sat, 2014-04-26 07:00
Government protections are helping Asian elephant numbers rise, but forests are rapidly giving way to rubber and other cash crops.
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Final Thoughts

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 21:48
Wednesday was my final day of classes.  Ever.  I finished up four years of intensive law and graduate school and walked away from the Forestry School, feeling a bit dumbfounded.  This was the first semester in which I had no...
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Arbor Day

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 19:30
“Other holidays repose on the past. Arbor Day proposes the future.”  Quote by J. Sterling Morton, Co-founder of Arbor Day It’s been a significant week for the environment, with the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere exceeding 401 ppm on Monday. This record-breaking carbon dioxide level is a clear signal that our world is […]
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Lessons from the 2013 northern Colorado flood: Past, present, and future

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 19:23
The USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station and the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests have teamed together to produce a science bulletin on the 2013 northern Colorado flood. The Bulletin notes how the Research Station and National Forests are working together to inform recovery efforts and provide information on what to expect into the future.
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My Dunkin' Would Be Deforestation-Free

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 19:08
While Dunkin’ Brands is poised to lead the fast-food industry for responsibly sourcing palm oil, they have been promising to release a new policy for nearly a year. Tell Dunkin’ Brands to be true to their word.
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First Meeting of the UNECEFAO Team of Specialists on Wood Energy (16 Jun 2014)

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 19:00
The first meeting of the Team of Specialists on Wood Energy will take place on 16 June 2014 from 900am to 1200pm in room VIII of the Palais des Nations in Geneva The participation in the meeting is restricted to the members of the Team of Specialists The meeting documentation is under preparation for more information please contact the ToS secretary Alicja Kacprzak ...
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Implementation of the Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Program – Phase 3

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 18:24
The Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MFP) aims to improve management of forests throughout Indonesia in order to reduce rural poverty, enhance biodiversity conservation and strengthen climate protection by significantly reducing emissions from land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) practices. The … Continue reading →
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Nile Story

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 17:30
The objectives of the Nile Story are: (i) to develop new ways to describe the results of the Nile program in qualitative and quantitative terms at the program and project levels, including the outcomes and impacts of the support. (ii) … Continue reading →
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16JuneGeneva (16 Jun 2014)

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 17:00
The Team of Specialists on Forest Products Statistics meeting will be held in room VIII of the Palais des Nations Geneva 15001800 For more information contact Anvar Nigmatov ...
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WAVES Developing Guidelines for Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Accounting

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 16:27
The Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) Policy and Technical Experts Committee (PTEC) is developing a guidance document to help countries value coastal ecosystems. ‘Guidelines for Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Accounting: Incorporating the Protective Service Values of Coral Reef and Mangroves in National Wealth Accounts,' a PTEC Project Brief, outlines the scope and process of developing such a guidance document.
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Work with Global Forest Watch

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 16:19
Global Forest Watch has a big vision: to empower better forest management across the world by providing better forest information. And we are expanding our team to help us achieve this goal. Are you passionate about the environment? Interested in geospatial data? A leading thinker or expert in forest monitoring? Apply today to work with […]
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Clearwater Paper reports Q1 2014 results

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 15:20
Clearwater Paper Corporation recently reported financial results for the first quarter of 2014. The company reported net sales of $484.9 million for the first quarter of 2014, up 5% compared to net sales of $460.8 million for the first quarter of 2013.
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Public asked to help survey health of ash trees

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 15:19
The Living Ash Project is asking members of the public to report information about the health of ash trees. They are especially interested in those that may have...
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CAP Reform Countdown

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 15:19
Today, the first planned CAP Reform Countdown communications was published. This is a new customer leaflet entitled ‘ An introduction to the new Common Agricultural Policy schemes in England '...
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Defra better for business - a strategic reform plan for Defra's regulations

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 15:19
Defra is today publishing " DEFRA better FOR BUSINESS A Strategic Reform Plan for Defra's Regulations ".  This document brings together all our Red Tape Challenge commitments together with related...
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Forestry Related Industry Performance - March 2014

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 14:00

Industrial production and manufacturing and non-manufacturing industry performance as reported in Forest2Market's monthly Economic Outlook, a 24-month forecast of macroeconomic indicators.

This post is excerpted from Forest2Market's monthly Economic Outlook, a 24-month forecast of macroeconomic indicators.

Industrial Production

Industrial production (IP) rose by 0.6% in February after a 0.2% decrease in January. The report showed:

  • Manufacturing increased by 0.8%, nearly reversing January’s 0.9% dip.
  • Wood Products contracted by 1.2%, extending January’s 2.2% slide.
  • Paper advanced 0.8%, reversing January’s 0.1% decrease.
  • Construction edged up by 0.2%, partially offsetting January’s 0.3% loss.
  • Consumer Goods jumped 0.8%, more than making up for January’s 0.5% drop.

Capacity utilization of all industries increased by 0.4% (to 78.8%). Wood Products fell by 1.4% while Paper rose by 0.9%. Capacity among all industries expanded by 0.2%; Wood Products edged up by 0.2% while Paper shrank by 0.1%.

F2M forecasts that 1Q2014 IP will increase relative to 4Q2013 by an annualized rate of 1.8% (Figure 1). IP growth will subsequently fluctuate between 0.7% and 3.4% through the remainder of the forecast, averaging 2.0% overall.

Some upside potential exists for this forecast as there are early signals firms may finally be increasing capital spending, which could in turn translate into greater capacity and production. Several potential drivers behind the change in direction have been advanced.

We suspect firms’ past reluctance to invest was mainly driven by the overhang of capacity from the Great Recession and heightened uncertainty. But with capacity utilization now approaching pre-recession levels, capital project returns are beginning to look more compelling; cash is accessible and financing is still attractive.

Should these early signals on capital spending materialize, the main risk is whether or not consumer demand materializes to justify expanded production from increased capital spending. Favorable demographics aside, the key 20- to  29-year-old age cohort needs to have jobs and enough income to create demand for these products.

Manufacturing and Non-manufacturing

According to the Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) monthly opinion survey, expansion of economic activity in the U.S. manufacturing sector inched up in March (Figure 2). The PMI registered 53.7%, an increase of 0.5 percentage point (50% is the breakpoint between contraction and expansion). ISM’s manufacturing survey represents under 10% of U.S. employment and about 20% of the overall economy. Expansion in the new- and backlogged-orders sub-indices (Table 3) suggest improving conditions; so, too, do continued growth in exports and imports. The new-orders sub-index correlates reasonably well to overall economic activity.

Among the industries we track, Wood Products contracted in March, as increased export orders were overwhelmed by a drop in new orders and production. Paper Products grew, with widespread support among the sub-indices.

The non-manufacturing sector, which accounts for 80% of the economy and 90% of employment, recovered some of the ground lost in February (Figure 2). The NMI registered 53.1%, an increase of 1.5 percentage points. The New Orders sub-index improved; that sub-index correlates well with overall economic conditions.

Among the individual service industries we track, Real Estate contracted on weak employment in March. Construction expanded on the strength of new orders, imports and employment. Increased new orders and imports also boosted activity in Ag & Forestry.


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Stora Enso to install one of world's largest online control systems

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 13:22
This spring, the Swedish board mill Stora Enso Fors - one of world's largest carton board plants for consumer packaging and printing purposes – will be installing one of the world's largest online condition monitoring system with the patented SPM HD measuring technique.
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Stora Enso expects to start kraftliner production in Varkaus in Q4 2015

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 12:59
After conducting a feasability study, Stora Enso has now decided to implement the conversion of its...
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New Non-Detriment Finding guidelines available

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 12:30
Cambridge, UK, 25th April 2014—TRAFFIC has helped develop straightforward steps for determining whether trade in a particular species is likely to be detrimental to its survival, a key requirement for countries before allowing export of their wildlife resources.

The new guidelines are aimed at helping government authorities decide whether a Non-Detriment Finding (NDF) can be issued and export permits granted to allow trade to proceed for a species listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
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Timber exports from Russia to China through Suifenhe sharply increased in Q1

Global Forest Information Service - Fri, 2014-04-25 12:02
In January-March 2014, a sharp increase was registered in the imports of wood from Russia through the border town of Suifenhe (Heilongjiang province), as Xinhua agency reported. Deliveries of roundwood increased by 38% year-on-year up to 990 thousand m3, sawn timber – by 66% to 310 thousand m3, pulp – by 51.5% to 56 thousand […]
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