Climate mitigation overshadows adaptation in the Congo Basin

Metla Finland - 5 hours 18 min ago

  NAIROBI, Kenya—Spend any time reading about climate change, and you’ll notice that the words “mitigation” and “adaptation” are never far from each other. Experts routinely extol the dual necessities of forestalling and adjusting to climate change—yet a new study undertaken by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) shows that mitigation is monopolizing the... Read more

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Healthy watersheds need everyone’s help, agrees International Fund for Agricultural Development

Metla Finland - 6 hours 59 min ago
Everyone with an interest in a watershed has to be involved for its protection to be effective. Deceptively simple, this finding from the Philippines is now being globally promoted by the International Fund for Agricultural Development   From...
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FRIM promotes tree planting, forest conservation

Metla Finland - 7 hours 17 min ago
30 March 2015 (Monday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has celebrated the International Day of Forests (IDF) 2015, themed “Forest, Climate, Change”, last Saturday by encouraging public participation in tree planting and promoting forest conservation, which are important for mitigating climate change. Some 300 people of all races, ages and walks of life, gathered […]
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Andritz to supply 300 ton/day deinking line to newsprint producer Nepa in Madhya Pradesh, India

Metla Finland - 10 hours 9 min ago
International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from the Indian newsprint producer Nepa Ltd. to supply a complete deinking line. Start-up of the new line in Madhya Pradesh is scheduled for mid-2016.
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The rights of forest-dependent communities need protection under REDD

Metla Finland - 14 hours 17 min ago

Efforts by rich countries to combat climate change by funding reductions in deforestation in developing countries need to be based on respect for the rights of indigenous peoples and forest communi

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USFS Bitterroot National Forest timber project gets state funding

Metla Finland - 14 hours 22 min ago

A proposed timber project on the Bitterroot National Forest was one of 13 selected to receive state funding as part of a program to increase the pace and scale of efforts to improve forest and watershed health in Montana.
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Soil health critical to Sustainable Development Goals

Metla Finland - 14 hours 33 min ago

An article on SciDev.Net advocates for promoting soil health to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Canadian wood pellet producer working to meet demand

Metla Finland - Sun, 2015-03-29 22:50

Homeowners heating with wood pellets may see some relief from the shortage of the fuel source across Atlantic Canada.
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Wood pellet operations underway at Port of Baton Rouge

Metla Finland - Sun, 2015-03-29 22:37

For more than a year, many westbound drivers crossing the Mississippi River on the Interstate 10 bridge connecting Baton Rouge and Port Allen may have wondered why two giant, white domes were under construction on the west bank.
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Pioneer Log Homes builds entryway for resort, golf course

Metla Finland - Sun, 2015-03-29 22:28

Log home industry workers saw a lot of down time during the recession.
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Rocky Mountain Homes adapts to new business environment

Metla Finland - Sun, 2015-03-29 22:21

For decades, the log home industry was one of the cornerstones of the Bitterroot economy.
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Bellevue church converting 1970s office building into a ‘space of awe’ using CLT

Metla Finland - Sun, 2015-03-29 22:15

The Bellevue First Congregational Church, founded in 1896, may be the oldest church in Bellevue, but it's getting a new home.
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Scientists turn waste wood into high-octane fuel and artificial vanilla flavorings

Metla Finland - Sun, 2015-03-29 22:07

Mahdi Abu-Omar’s high-octane fuel and artificial vanilla flavoring share one thing in common: they both were developed from wastewood.
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$50M clean fuels investment planned near Snowflake, AZ

Metla Finland - Sun, 2015-03-29 21:56

A newly-patented transportation fuel production technology is being developed at the Novo BioPower biomass-to-energy plant near Snowflake in Navajo County.
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State of California awards $2.6 million grant to Sierra Institute for biomass heat and power project

Metla Finland - Sun, 2015-03-29 21:47

The California Energy Commission is awarding $2.6 million to the Sierra Institute for Community and Environment to build a small biomass plant between Feather River College and the county’s health and human services building in Quincy.
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Fire-damaged Colorado wood biomass plant may not reopen until summer

Metla Finland - Sun, 2015-03-29 21:36

A plant built to convert beetle-killed trees into electricity western Colorado is still shut down three months after a fire and likely won’t open until the summer.
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£80m biomass plant approved at former site of Europe’s biggest arms depot

Metla Finland - Sun, 2015-03-29 21:25

Plans for an £80m biomass plant on the site of a former Royal Navy depot have been unanimously approved by Pembrokeshire councillors.
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47th Issue of Forest Cover, newsletter of Global Forest Coalition

Metla Finland - Sun, 2015-03-29 17:12
Welcome to a brand new edition of Forest Cover, the Global Forest Coalition newsletter that provides a space for Southern and Northern environmental justice activists to present their views on international forest-related policies. We were happy to co-produce this special edition, which focuses on the impacts of wood-based bioenergy on forests and forest peoples, with […]
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The innovators: growing solid wooden furniture without the joins

Metla Finland - Sun, 2015-03-29 13:50

Gavin Munro of Derbyshire-based Full Grown explains how moulding trees into one-piece chairs, lamps or mirror frames is far more eco-friendly that felling

This is no ordinary furniture showroom. In a field on the side of a hill 15 miles north of Derby lies row after row of perfectly maintained willow, oak, ash and sycamore trees. What clearly marks this field out from a regular forest are the blue-and-black plastic moulds that are training the trees in pre-defined routes where they are gently and expertly manipulated into the exact shape of a chair, a table, a lamp or a mirror frame.

This one-hectare (2.5 acre) field in Wirksworth is home to Full Grown, a company which later this year will harvest pieces of furniture each made from one solid piece of wood – with no joins – following a project which was launched almost 10 years ago by its founder Gavin Munro, now aged 39.

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